Largest Conflux Swarm in History Detected. Invasion Planned.

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) What is believed to be the largest Conflux Swarm ever recorded has been located in Conflux sector C3309 and is projected to slowly head toward Pulsar Gate. TRI-DEF is organizing an interdiction invasion through Pulsar Gate and has called on pilots from ALL factions to join the effort.

“This is too big for us to handle by ourselves,” said TRI-DEF spokesperson A. Trottel. “We need every able-bodied pilot available to meet in GBS at 4:01p UTC to go after this super-mega-swarm. But this has to happen quickly. If that swarm makes its way into our space, who knows what kind of destruction could result.”

The invasion will be led by two new Advanced-Technology Enforcers: TRI-SEC-464f and TRI-SEC-4f4c.

Pilots are encouraged to get to GBS at least 15 minutes early so the invasion can proceed on-time.


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