The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. II, No. 2 – by Ares Kiden

Sentient Flurry
For about a week we were seeing some rather unusual sentient activity that typically include concurrent markers all over space, infestation and a few sent-fights with pilots.  I’m told things have been quiet so far this week.

Flux Geek vs Flux Hunter
And related to the Sent-flurry, we had TRI Corp bureaucrat Carlo Adiar blaming flux-hunting pilot RazorsKiss (Adiar “erroneously” called him RazorCut — which was kind of funny if you ask me) for the surge in conflux actvity — basically saying the conflux were retaliating.  RazorsKiss took offense and challenges Adiar to a duel (yeah … they’re Octs).  TRI’s PR department jumped into the middle and everyone went grumbling back to their corners.

Samwise Memorial
And in a third related story, the excellent flux-hunt memorial came to a close with nearly 14,000 flux-kills during the event (no wonder the fluxies  were pissed) and lots of awards handed out.  The top-hunters were Sinver, Rail69 and Cyraxx666 respectively.  Congrats to the winners, all participants … and the organizer as well!

More Econ Mayhem
First, Sorian Bank says that Annihilitech — probably best known for its Featherfire ion cannon — has been cooking its books.  You would think one of the other corporate big dogs would go for a hostile takeover, but we’ve also seen some fraying around the edges at OPL and Cromforge — so who knows?

Perasca Update
Well in the last issues, I mentioned that I would try to get some info on this.  We first heard about the unusual discovery in the Jekar province on Perasca at the beginning of 117.  Then about three months later we saw one (pretty remarkable) artifact found there.  And since then … nothing.

So I asked some questions and bought some drinks.  Then I sobered up and asked more questions.  Not many answers.  The only thing I found was that the excavation was closed down with no fanfare several months ago.  No more artifacts.  No findings.  No publications. Nothing.  Sounds pretty fishy to me.


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