Awards Announced for Samwise Memorial Event

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) After a week-long flux-hunt with 26 pilots participating, the Samwise Memorial Flux Hunt came to an end last Saturday.  The event, which was sponsored by pilot RazorsKiss of squad FluxGuts had pilots of all level rushing to max out their conflux-kill-counts, and even had a few long-missing veterans returning returning to honor pilot Samwise — who, sadly, passed-on last year.

Top prizes for the overall number of flux-kills went to:

Sinver (3,025 flux kills) – Cesium Medal; 2mm credits; PCE-5
Rail69 (1,490 flux kills) – Platinum Medal; 1mm credits; PCS-1
Cyraxx666 (1,272 flux kills) – Antimony Medal; 500k credits

All other participants received a Captain’s Commendation for their efforts; and RazorsKiss is being awarded the Echoes of Hope award for his significant efforts in sponsoring, promoting and running the week-long contest.

Bonus prizes were also awarded for: the highest total kills registered by a pilot in each faction; highest counts for each day; and a daily “Beat RK” contest.

According to the sponsor, almost 14,000 conflux were destroyed during the contest.

During the contest, the KTRI news ticker began broadcasting strangely  — aHNpdG1lZXJiZXJtZXdpbGx3 —  which multiple pilots reported as code translating to “this we will remember.”   Some have interpreted it as a message from the Conflux.  Others believe it was part of the memorial for Samwise.

TRI Corporation has not confirmed this translation.



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