The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. II, No. 1 – by Ares Kiden

After a rather lengthy hiatus, The “UU” is back!  But I won’t bore you with the details . . .

Flux-Hunt In-Progress
The Samwise Memorial Flux-Hunt is in-progress and has apparently gotten a number of veteran pilots to jump back into the cockpit, including Ambrosius, Audi, J_Prime, MadCat, Nammoc, Nessos, Noodles, Orome, Slopey and Yozho (to name a few I noticed).  Apologies to any I missed.  Kudos to RazorsKiss who organized the event, which will be running through 118.2.3.

Corporate Blues
First OPL announced layoffs on Outpost and Octavius Core stations … then Cromforge announces inventory and production cuts, and even more layoffs.  Things don’t sound good for either of those giants.  No peep yet from the Solrain mega-corp, Tens & Piney, but I’m sure investors are watching them closely.

New Flux Patterns
A few weeks ago, pilots began noticing some changes in the was Conflux have been spawning.  Changes have been noted in Aman Hook, Blasted Corner, Bronci Rift, Hyperion Gate, Inner Aman, Main Gate and The Stith (did I miss any?).  Pilot RazorsKiss (who seems to be one busy dude these days) has created an updated Conflux “threat map” and it can be found HERE.

Odd Commods
UUNN reported that a smuggler was caught trying to transport Prosthetics on 118.1.3.  Prosthetics trade was banned more then ten years ago and if there has been a black market for them since then, it’s been well hidden.  And then just this week, we heard there were some transactions going on for a few Abattis ModX that a pilot found on Hyperial station.  The Abattis was a pretty useless devices back when Cromforge was making them.  Not sure where these relics came from and why anyone would even want them now.

Henge Riddle Solved?
Lastly, it sounds like scientists have a good working theory about one of the oldest surviving pieces of pre-collapse technology, known as The Henge.  Apparently, they believe it was some sort of “arrestor device” … a technology to grab and land large ships coming in hot.  Sounds good to me.  But still very confusing.  Really the coolest part of the story is that they actually feel they have some understanding about how some ancient pre-collapse technology worked, and that’s big news.  But speaking of ancient, what ever happened with that find on Perasca?  Maybe we’ll do some sleuthing on that for the next issue.


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