Veteran Flux-Warrior Resurfaces

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Core Station)  In the last week, a name resurfaced in the duty rosters that only a handful of veteran pilots will remember:  RazorsKiss.   A former New Dawn squadron leader, RazorsKiss was heavily involved in early Conflux research with TRI-R and in the Amananth 20 affair.  He agreed to a brief interview regarding his disappearance — and recent return.

Hello, RazorsKiss – and welcome back to active duty after all these years.  Exactly how long were you gone from active duty?
As far as I can recall (things are a bit fuzzy, with the Collapse, NDC going dark, my injury…) I think I last logged flight time somewhere in early 104. 

What made you decide to return to flying?
I woke up – at Oct Core. I played some catch up – now older, and more than a little grey – and applied for reinstatement.

How different does it feel to be back flying again?
It feels good, but strange. It’s been so long. Some things come right back. I killed 2 mants and a Krak my first day back in a Raven… but other things are returning more slowly. There’s not many things as satisfying as a flux kill – except maybe flipping the Arkan beac at full burn, and missing that roid by a whisker.

What did you do during your long sabbatical?
I went … somewhere. The last I remember was taking out a Griffin to the far side of flux space, in looking for something. I can’t remember. My memory functions artificially, you see – a result of the… means… by which I recovered from my injuries in a sentient ambush, and a desperate anomaly jump… ah, but I see that I’m rambling. I have little knowledge of my whereabouts or activities my later months on active duty – and none whatsoever for the subsequent period. 

Given your interest in Amananth,  how did you react to some of the pieces of alleged “history” that have come out over the past few years?
I was interested to note that theories of a mass migration seem to have been justified. I was particularly struck, however, by the revelation of twenty *one* pods discovered, not just 20. I find that fascinating, given their discovery by one of the Thrice Seven – before he was thrice seven, before jump mods – how much of TRI depends on the gift of the Amananthi?

LupinOne has not been heard from in a couple of years – have you been in contact with him about re-joining New Dawn?
I applied to rejoin the squad. If I haven’t heard back from them in a while, I’ll leave my options open. Hopefully they will want me back. I saw at least one old squadmate out there. He wasn’t in ND tags either. I will wait and see. I will note that I did hear of the passing of samwise. He will be missed.

What are your immediate goals now that you have returned to active flight duty?
Immediate? * Rank into a Peri! That is the sweetest ship in space, period. Little longer term… I have optimus to earn back, PRs to establish, funding for my renewed private war with the flux to acquire – it’s personal for me, you recall – so I have a great many aspirations. You won’t see me near Aman station until I am flying a fully equipped ‘Nix, however.  I have a feeling that particular stroll down memory lane will require some firepower. Not to mention some answers.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation!



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