The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol I, No. 7 by Ares Kiden

Well I went on holiday … and I stayed a lot longer than expected.  But my mom finally kicked me out so I’m back with another UPDATE!

Pilots Stay Away in Droves
The holiday crowds were in stealth-mode for this year’s Reconstruction Days with minimal participation in the organized events (“minimal” is a generous term here).  Some blame was put on the numerous protests of the recent Speaker’s election but it’s hard to believe that was the sole reason.  I really liked the “What’s Your Story” contest about The Henge.  I guess I should have entered.  I would have WON.  (My theory is that it was a VERY ancient, VERY huge trampoline.)

Landmark Election
Well the recent Solrain election for the Speaker’s Chair for Amanra was a landmark in a number of ways.  A long-time incumbent was unseated.  TWO challengers ended up tie in the popular vote, forcing a runoff in the STCC – which has not happened in a long time.  Supporters of Verhal have hit the streets in droves, with protests in boroughs and cities across all three planets.  While there has been no violence, there’s been unrest-a-plenty.  Protesters have contended that Hyperial was instrumental in influencing the election.

Zealots or Terrorists?
Well a group of Quants bombed a building in Hyperial.  Hyperial has labeled them “terrorists and has blamed them for 17 deaths.  None of that really feels like “news” to me.  The really “newsy” part is that Quantar has said nothing at all!  No rhetoric … no celebration.  And they’ve kind of let their six pilots hanging out there with bounties on their heads.  Something really odd there.

Sorian “Disses” ShaiDen
In another puzzling story, the well-respected and –liked conflux expert Professor Athena ShaiDen was denied funding for a research project by Sorian Bancorp.  ShaiDen was looking for funding to construct additional prototypes of a narrow-beam scanner that she has some success with in analyzing Conflux infestations.  I think most people saw this as a slam-dunk, but the bank thought otherwise.  The announcement was made by the bank’s Chairman Emeritus, Elden Prescott II.  Curiouser and curiouser!

Septus Turns 90
Lost in all of the hubbub was an Imperial birthday.  Octavi Emperor Atticus Septus of Martius turned 90 on Saturday 117.7.8.  Happy Birthday, Emp! (Can I call him that?)


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