Funding Denied for ShaiDen Project

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  In a surprising outcome, the funding applied-for by Conflux expert Professor Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University was denied by Sorian Bank.  The loan, which most expected to be granted, was to help mass-produce a special kind of narrow-beam scanner ShaiDen had developed.  The scanner was used to take readings from Conflux infestations — with the goal of finding better ways to destroy — of even deter them.

Professor ShaiDen was unavailable for comment, but Carlo Adiar, TRI Corporation’s Director of Conflux Studies spoke out, “This is just incredible.  Professor ShaiDen and I do not always see eye to eye, but this was a no-brainer.  And the 500 million credits she was looking for is just a drop in the bucket for Sorian.  Her reputation alone should have been plenty of collateral — but she had a working prototype!  I don’t get it.”

Apparently anticipating a back-lash, Sorian Bank Chairman Emeritus, Elden Prescott III, released a prepared statement:

“We greatly respect Dr. ShaiDen (ed. note. – ShaiDen does hold a PhD but generally prefers the title “professor”) and her work on Conflux research, but we see the Conflux situation as well under control right now.  We have a duty to our shareholders and our depositors to invest with our heads and not with our hearts.  This opportunity just did not appear to offer the kind of returns they demand from us.”

Since Professor ShaiDen declined comment, it is unknown whether she will pursue alternative funding.


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