Quants say Hyperial is Secretly Developing GenMod Program

by Thane Carios

(Quantar Core)  The Quantar Holy Office of the Tahirs has released “evidence” that Hyperial has been secretly pursuing a genetic modification program with the goal of rebuilding its fleet of jump-capable ships.

“We now know what Hyperial’s secret faction missions have been all about,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru.  “We already knew that they were testing jump-ship technology, because of the Rauder-1 drone.  Now we know that they have also been secretly pursuing their own genetic modification program.  The goal is clear.  Rebuilding their fleet .”

Quantar claims that the Hyperial program is code named “Chrysalis” and that it began over two years ago, with testing beginning early this year.  The Tahirs have also released an image (seen below) allegedly taken inside the Chrysalis GenMod lab.  It is likely that is was this information that was taken from Hyperial last declared to be contraband last Wednesday.  It is unclear whether Octavius was working with Quantar to obtain and publish the information.


“Hyperial had multiple chances to join TRI and gain equal access to genetic modifications and hulls,” continued the First Tahir.  “ But they declined.  They declined because that would shine an unavoidable light on their activities and their agenda.  They have proven many times that they are not to be trusted, and therefore this program of their must be stopped in its tracks.

“I call on the Emperors of Octavius and the Solrain Traders and Citizens Council to join us in condemning this activity and in requiring  that Hyperial: (1) immediately ceases all program development; (2) turns over all research and records; and (3) agrees to open, unannounced inspections of all of its facilities for the next 18 months.”

Is is likely that TRI Corporation will also have significant interest in these allegations, since it owns and manages the currently-used GenMod technology.


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