Drone-Ship Broadcasts Unintelligible Code

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  As reported yesterday in The Unregulated Update, multiple pilots said yesterday that the Hyperial test drone-ship Rauder-1 was broadcasting in hex code on the global chat channel, but was unresponsive to those questioning the broadcast or offering help.

The code broadcast was :  a3 a0 6c 3b 153 a9 4d 2b b5 b8 76 192 24 20 dd de d0 b9 5a 38 1c a1 da 3c 79 4b 24 a7 17e — which appears to be simple hexadecimal — but when translated appears to be just gibberish:   £ l;œ©M+µ¸vƒ$ ÝÞйZ8¡Ú<yK$§ž

Hyperial has not made any announcements as has not responded to inquiries regarding the status of Rauder-1.


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