The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol I, No. 5 – by Ares Kiden

Subspace Transceiver Repaired
Pilots finally rallied to repair  the subspace transceiver in The Narrow Canal, and Solrain pilots are once again happily receiving KTRI broadcasts.  There is still no word on how the transceiver was damaged in the first place.

Octs Debate DSS History
The Octavius Emperors from Ares Prime and Martius seem to be having a dispute about the historical fragment recently found on a DSS.  What is being lost in the whole “whose sword is bigger” debate is the fact that this thing might be one of the oldest pieces of history we have found to-date and may even hint at our roots.

New Infestation Data Collected
About a week ago a series of coincidences just may have resulted in new information about Conflux infestations.

  • Professor Athena ShaiDen just happened to be finished up with her classes for the day when the Conflux infested The Connexion, and decided to head out for some field work — which she had not done in nearly a year.
  • The Conflux just happened to infest three of the four entrances into The Connexion — foregoing an infestation of the Dark Crossroads/Connexion gate.
  • Hammer-BS just happened to be online and decide to start nuking the infestation at the Ring View/Connexion gate at the same time Prof. ShaiDen was entering Dark Crossroads to begin scanning the infestations.

. . . and because of these coincidences, Professor ShaiDen was able to closely scan the infestation while Hammer-BS was nuking it from the other side — and she was able to do a continuous scan right up-to, and including, the point of its destruction.


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