Ares Prime Emperor Releases Statement on DSS

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core Station) Emperor Venticus has released a statement regarding the DSS that was deciphered roughly two weeks ago, that appeared to refer to early Octavius.

It gratifies us that another bit of the great history of Octavius has been unveiled.  The story fragment on the DSS deciphered by pilot Nafcon tells a story of our very earliest days – around 2700 BT.  While we have no records of the admiral mentioned in this text or the “8th Expedition” – what appears to be clear is that this admiral was instrumental in establishing the beginning of our empire, and he did it here … on Ares Prime.  Our historians believe that pieces of this story may have actually contributed to one of our greatest legends – the legend of the Golden Emperor.

We have already begun negotiations with Dorator Tech to be provided access to any further, related information it may find.  We encourage pilots to search Octavius Shore for DSS, since this is where this particular find was made.

Imperium en Saeculum!


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