The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. I, No. 3 – by Ares Kiden

Engineers Report “No Answers” on Antiflux Factory
Well we finally received a report from the Multi-corporate Engineering Team at Amananth — and the news was not awesome.  While the fact that the engineers are still puzzled after trying a couple of different approaches is a bit concerning, the other part of the report was an absolute BOMB:  “. . .  The explosions on Amananth station apparently destroyed all of the backup data on the Antiflux systems and hardware, and DPDQ does not seem willing or able to reproduce it. . . .”

So that means, if we can’t figure out a way to fix this — no more Antiflux!  Do you think MAYBE we need to throw some more resources at this problem?

Dorator shares a “Freebie”
We’ve known for a while now that Dorator was going into the DSS business.  Over the last 10 days they’ve kicked things off with two DSS purchasing events, and then just a day after the second event, they publicly released the first dataset.

I would have thought Dorator would have released something pretty innocuous (since they were giving it away for free) — but as it turns out the dataset, while very corrupted, appears to have some new insights into (and big questions about) very ancient Octavius.

Unofficial sources say that there is a LOT of communication flying around on Ares Prime, but there is a tight lid on it because all we hear is “buzz” — no real idea what is going on.

UC-12s Anyone?
Well over a month ago squad -=DSRG=- announced a UC-12 competition.  The goal was to collect 100 UC-12s to be used to manufacture its repair drones.  Prices being paid was very generous at 3million credits per UC12 … and the prizes to the top three contributors was equally impressive — AB4, AB3 and EB3  for first, second and third place respectively.

In the original announcement, the competition was set to end on the latter of 117.2.28 or when 100 UC-12s had been collected, but we have heard no progress or updates.  If anyone has new information on this contest, please let us know:


2 responses to “The (Unregulated) Update

  1. I asked clanlord if the competition was still running, but did not get a response yet. If it should still be running, I’d offer 2 UC-12 as well (parking at the designated target for transfer).

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