Pilot Successfully Decrypts Badly Corrupted DSS

UUNN Newswire

Pilot Nafcon was the first to submit a decryption of the DSS code release yesterday by Dorator.

“Just after the Establishment of the colony on Ares in 4093, Adm. Ryne Patten, leading the 8th Expedition, has us a…. control the military …. abolish the colony assembly and declare emperor Octavius. Patten was saying: “The Eight Expedition …. from our little planet ……… a backwater. Our ancestors were pioneers, conquering a new world. WE are the pioneers living that spirit of Ares. We are not scientist or philosoph-men………children of the warrior. Though we are far from home it is the warrior blood that drives us.

 .. no official word from the Governors on Martius, but sou ….at it is … security forces on high Alert — even though….back from Ares w …..ake”

The DSS, which was found by pilot Blonder in Octavian Shore, was a DSS3 in “Good” condition.  According to Dorator, Nafcon’s decryption and translation closely matches its own work.  “The data was in binary and also somehow got mirrored,” said Dorator Data Recovery (DDR) Group Leader Jalil Aq’tamm.  “So we you have to decrypt from binary and then mirror the text.  Was was left had a LOT of corruption and Nafcon did a really nice job of stripping out the corruption and trying to make sense of the remaining text.”
For being the first to decrypt, Nafcon will receive five free DSS analyses from Dorator, but Aq’tamm was quick to point out that only a small percentage of DSS have retrievable, readable data.  “We could analyze five DSS and get absolutely nothing retrievable — or we could get three readable DSS, each with historic findings.  You just never know,” he said.
Dorator has provided its version of the raw decrypted and mirrored text for other to try to add to Nafcon’s interpretation:
Just MCY4“¼Z½ÆmïÆ+Nú!]þÚK\ΦýïæÕƒ/ßzÞò•Ëishment of the colony on Ares in 4093, Adm. Ryne Patten, lead Ÿ|¦«š×|he 8th Expedition, has us aÙµQ›ée×ntrol the militar ôgå´ÆzDIÞ毳¢bolish the colo nѸ ¶ /embly a ­»D&+clare <)Ô%“ãæpŒ£peror Octavius.” ¸ ¶ / ٺȾŠ9Ø·¬¸Patten w G³Y–æoted as saying: “The Eight Expediti d-ÄanÎQTXre from our little plane ¼¡0}YŒã±©¿?êRÿl a backwater. Our ance ©OÔ°Æy݀צneers, conquering a sm m@*$sdäÏ‹L@¾­»D&+zrld. &{w WE are the pione R¤¥/IÑØWging that spirit •pkèòo Ares. We are not scien ßë÷© Õ—@3Ͳmen-philosoph 8ˆžß›°êzq=W„ëèè(ildren of the warrior-go ,“䘵Yð¦EÆough we are far fr †(!ome it is the warr ¤RÉ;/.lood that drives us.”
]%/²§Á̲…P en no official word from the Governors on Martius, but sou ÏŸÉKÅ=U”½ at it is p ×üs£dõbwÂscurity forces on hig $Tlert — even thouÀ¡„2[v%ack from Ares wkýg?ake ”×TQ*‘è9ÕU⑶Rß_o¤B<繧I)—— ›7BÃVŽNî Ðœ™PÖ@6ˆÊHõ²b-ñúµ(í³é‘’/öÉ”Ba·‹››’¼o©O¹–Šà‹X:Ú±Wyn:ÐP”¼Ÿ;ÞXï·ïI‰/ÚÍB絨ÖVÅŠ˜J|CË¡TbâB¡çx)ò˜ û6†¢“ç8Ác&AWÞ$Rr¢Ÿ‹¯ ¬„mÓLØHÊx…6Ú1;‘meÃ/¹fÓ)¸+Vï

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