The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. I, No. 2 – by Ares Kiden

KTRI Broadcasts Gibberish
For several days, pilots were seeing something almost looking like encrypted messages broadcast on KTRI.  Pilot Hammer-BS, and decryption expert tried to decode the mesage, but was unsuccessful.  TRI Corporation finally confirmed that its broadcasts were not the problem, but that a Subspace Transceiver relay in The Narrow Canal was the root of this problem.  So far, efforts to repair the transceiver have been unsuccessful.  It has, temporarily, been removed from the broadcasting network and KTRI announcements are returning to normal for non-Solrain pilots.

No Offficial Reports from Amananth
While there are no official reports coming from the multi-corporate engineering team working on the Antiflux CP in Amananth, our sources tell us that there has been little progress and that they have shifted their focus from the software to the hardware.  Fortunately for pilots, there is still a reasonable supply of Antiflux on the markets and there has been no run to hoard them.

Dorator DSS Collection Called “Underwhelming”
Jalil Aq’tamm, the head of Dorator’s new DDR unit (Dorator Data Recovery) called the first attempt at publicly purchasing DSS last week “underwhelming” after only four DSS were collected.  A second DSS purchase event was re-scheduled for today 117.3.8 at 21:30 UTC at Wake Station.  Dorator is paying 20% over the standard price for any DSS, and 50% over standard for DSS with provenance (documented date and location of the find).  Today’s collection point will be Wake Station and there remains a 5-DSS limit per pilot.

Scan Mission Results: “Nominal”
The results of the recent mission to scan the anomaly in Amananth sector have been called “nominal.”  The corporations that are sponsoring the engineering team working at Amananth to try to repair the Antiflux CP called for the scanning mission after a rouge attacker, reportedly flying a TRI-Enforcer, allegedly “jumped” through the anomaly.


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