The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. I, No. 1 – by Ares Kiden

Antiflux Factory Still Down
The multi-corporate team that was ferried to Amananth with much fanfare has yet to produce any solid results.  The Antiflux factory is still damaged and non-operational, and there has been no word on any progress – of lack thereof – from the team.

Pilots Rally for Mission
Pilots wasted no time in completing the recent Amananth Faction Mission.  It was done in two days!  The mission, while sponsored by Amananth, was actually initiated by the corporate consortium working on the damaged Antiflux CP.  The mission to scan the anomaly in Amananth sector was created because pilots saw a ship very much like a TRI Enforcer (though apparently now owned by TRI) jump through this anomaly.  

Sorian Site Remains Quarantined
While the ancient Sorian site known as The Henge is still off-limits to the public, we’ve been told that there is absolutely no evidence of biohazard or dangerous radiation.  Authorities are perplexed as to what cause the twenty four suicidal deaths there.

More Oct Skirmishing
An Imperial Transport from Martius was stopped and scanned in The Imperial Crossroads by a patrol from Ares Prime.  The Imperial Crossroads sector is claimed by both Martius and Ares Prime.  The patrol reported that the ship was carrying explosives intended for attacks upon Ares Prime, while Martius contended the ship was on a routine cargo mission.  A few shots were fired when Martius patrol ships arrived at the scene, but no ships were destroyed.

When we asked for details on what had happened, a Quantar miner in the area simply said, “Ares Octs shooting Martius Octs.  This is news?”

Perasca Archaeology
It seems that more and more equipment and people keep going in to work on the archaeological site discovered in the Jakar region on Perasca – but no news is coming out.  It’s unclear whether that is indicative of no important finds or a tight lid.


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