Engineers Arrive Safely at Amananth

UUNN Newswire

(Amananth)  The team of eight engineers who were assembled to try to help figure out how to diagnose and fix the repair systems on the Antiflux Customer Producer , arrived safely at Amananth Station.  Seven of the eight had to make the trip in cryo-stasis chambers since they were not jump-capable.  Six pilots volunteered to provide flux-cover and escort throughout the journey:  Flowbar2, Hammer-BS, hifly,  JokeR_GdI, Nafcon and Valmagier.

The trip did not go without incident.  Tmolus Shaen, the one jump-capable team member, piloted the mission tow which launched from Wake exactly at 21:30.  The trip to Amananth was smooth — at least until they reached Amananth.  There they found that a very strong swarm had jumped into the sector from Aman Leap.  A few of the escorts jumped in to try to battle the swarm, but they were badly outgunned an outnumbered.

Luckily the swarm moved out of sector fairly quickly and the convoy was able to jump in.  As Shaen was docking the mission tow, an unidentified ship appeared in sector and began firing on him.  Fortunately, Shaen was able to dock safely as the escorts engaged the assailant.

There were reports that the mystery ship ran from the escort and was somehow able to jump through an anomaly.  Those reports are currently being verified.

The six escort pilots will be receiving the Captains Commendation badge for their efforts.

Pilots with any information or images of the mystery attacker should contact us:

*** UPDATED 117.2.23 ***

UUNN received the following additional information from pilot Flowbar:

The ship attacking T_Shaen in his TOW was called “303031” (I think) and was some sort of modified TRI Enforcer ship. It flew at high speed, was totally white, arrived and left from the anomaly in Amananth. After it had fled once, after T_Shaen had docked, it reappeared 5-10 minutes later and was engaged by pilots Valmagier, hifly (I think) and Flowbar2. It was shot down by Valmagier.


One response to “Engineers Arrive Safely at Amananth

  1. It seemed it was a quantar pilot, because I lost some Political rating to quantar after I shot him down.

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