Cult Commits Mass Suicide at The Henge

UUNN Newswire

(Eltherios, Soria)  Twenty four people belonging to a group known as the Solarian Apostolate were found dead at the ancient Sorian site known as The Henge.  The group, which believed it could spiritually communicate with the lost planet Solrain, managed to deactivate a section of security fence around the site, and then make its way to the center of the area.  Cause of death has not been ascertained, but all bodies were unmarked so pharmacology is suspected.

A message left by the group read:

We are now ready to make the supreme  journey, aided by this henge, to join our sisters and brothers on the Mother Planet.  Do not mourn us. 

Open your hearts. 

And follow.


No one knows exactly what purpose The Henge served.  Five structures positioned in a ring tower over 45 meters, with a sixth laying horizontally, that sits about 200 meters from the ring.  It is not clear whether or not the this part of the structure had fallen or was intentionally laying on its side.  Some believe it is some kind of pre-collapse launch facility. It is dated to roughly 2,800BT.

The remote location of the spectacular site, in the middle of a barren mesa, over 140 kilometers from the nearest town (Donium), discourages many from visiting — but now new security measures are being put in place to help ensure there are no further incidents.


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