Amananth Diagnostics Unsuccessful

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Five days after explosions rocked Amananth Station and two of its orbital manufacturing facilities, the Antiflux Custom Producer remains inoperable.  A UUNN source has said that repeated attempts by Amananth to diagnose the problem with the Antiflux Factory have been unsuccessful.  Amananth has apparently run their diagnostic repeatedly with numerous software adjustments, but the diagnostic continues to loop and provide no meaningful data.

An engineering team from several of the top corporations is being assembled to investigate, but since very few qualified individuals are jump-capable, the team will have to be put into cryo-stasis for the trip.  The team is expected to launch in a couple of days.

Our source also provided the diagnostics, which Amananth had given to the corporate teams.   The dataset is too large for this article, but can be downloaded HERE.


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