Explosions Damage Amananth Station and Production Facilities

by Thane Carios

(Amananth) A series of powerful explosions today damaged sections of Amananth station, as well as the Antiflux Custom Producer and the RB-4 Science Factory.

According to TRI-SEC, the station appears to be functional, but they have had no success in communicating with the station AI either via remote or hardlink.  The same cannot be said for the two separate production facilities.

“The RB-4 factory is very badly damaged,” said TRI-SEC Officer Thadeus “Ace” Adder.  “It’s structural integrity is at 20% and I’m not sure whether it can even be repaired — it antiflux-cp-damagelooks pretty bad.

“The curious one,” continued Adder, “is the Antiflux CP.  It shows some fairly significant external damage, and there’s no entry port, but my scans continue to report ‘no damage.’  I’ve tried several times — even docked and had my entire ship’s system rebooted.”

There is currently no evidence as to what caused the explosions at this time, but the unofficial theory is a Conflux attack, since they have attacked both Amananth station and the orbital facilities before.


3 responses to “Explosions Damage Amananth Station and Production Facilities

  1. I can confirm that the entry port of the Antiflux-CP is missing. Nevertheless a scan of the CP shows no damage of the building.

    I was able to repair the RB4-Science-Factory though from 20 % to 100 %. It is now fully operational again.

    There were no encounters with Sentient conflux. As a side node no conflux swarm has entered Amananth from conflux galaxy either during this repair operation that lasted about 3 hours (using 4 RB4’s).

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