Marathon Faction Mission is Completed

by Yaz Shanndar

(Hyperial Station) After thirty-nine days, the most recent Hyperial Faction Mission has come to an end.  Pilot Hammer-BS completed the mission having personally Hyperial FM Completiondelivered 1403u of copper, 1195u of electronics, 193 u of conflux biomass, 986u of fiber optics, and 1000u of synthetics — nearly 60% of the commodities required to complete the mission.

“It was a very tough mission as almost everything had to be produced. I want to say thanks to all of the fellow miners who did a great job in mining copper the last days,” said Hammer-BS.

What remains unclear is exactly what this mission was for.  The stated purpose — Hyperial requires several more commodities to finish a critical R&D project.  Quick completion of this mission is CRITICAL! — falls far short of describing exactly what is being researched and/or developed.

Hyperial officials declined further comment.



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