Festival! 116 Schedule Released

UUNN Newswire


The multi-factional Festival! committee has released a schedule for this year’s space-based events.  Festival! begins on Thursday 116.11.24 and officially continues until midnight on Sunday 116.11.27.  There are numerous events with many awards and prizes up for grabs.

This schedule  outlines the “official” space-based events planned, but there could be additional pilot-sponsored events going on, as well many celebrations on-stations and on-planets.


Storyteller Contest
Library Lottery
Holiday Haiku

See HERE for details

Submissions can be made to librarian@tri-subspace.net until 12 midnight UTC on Thursday 116.11.24.

THURSDAY – 116.11.24

Every party needs beer, so pilots will have a number of “beer-sharing” missions to take on. Watch the Faction Mission board on Thursday for details.

Tune and HOLD* as many beacons as you can during this period — any color … and area of space. The contest will run from Thursday at 00:01a UTC until Saturday at midnight (24:00) UTC.

First-place winner will get the Cesium Medal and an AB4; Second place, Platinum Medal and an AB3; Third place, Antimony Medal and an AB2. All others with more than 10 beacons held will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

* “Hold” means that the beacon must remain tuned (and not flipped or re-tuned by another pilot) for 25 consecutive cycles (2.5 hours), so if you want to win, you may have to drive off some competitors!

We are having some problems with capturing the beacon stats.  If you want to participate, take a SCREEN SHOT of your stat page, showing the beacons stat before you start and email it to us – jgnewsnet@gmail.com (sorry!).

FRIDAY – 116.11.25

A series of trivia questions will be release on UUNN (jgnewsnet.wordpress.com) by 10:00 UTC. Answers must be submitted to jgnewsnet@gmail.com by midnight (24:00) UTC.

The awards are as follows:
All five answers correct:   Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits
1 to 4 answers correct:       Keval’s Thanks medal and 500k credits
0 for 5:                                    Captain’s Commendation

Hunting the venomous Tasz is an ancient sport for the elite of Octavius. While our Tasz doesn’t bite, it is really fast and hard to catch. He’ll be leaving Octavius space around 15:00 and will be flying to Hyperial. He’ll have a bounty for all factions, so tuned beacons will make it easier to find him.

The pilot who successfully downs —Tasz— gets the bounty as well as one PCE-5 or two PCE-3s (your choice), PLUS the Cesium Medal. Any other pilot who lands a shot on —Tasz— will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

SATURDAY – 116.11.26

Equip a Tow and get ready to fly.  But this year, you’ll need more than just trucking skills to fulfill the mission!

The awards will be:
1st Place – Cesium Medal, Two PCE-5s and a PCP-4
2nd Place – Platinum medal and two PCE-5s
3rd Place – Antimony medal and a CM4

All other participants will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

SUNDAY – 116.11.27

Award announcements.

Times are subject to adjustment and additional events may be added, so stay tuned to UUNN for updates!


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