Library Will Again Sponsor Festival! Contest

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FROM:  Sarath V Memorial Library

Once again, as part of the Festival! Celebration, the Sarath V Memorial Library will be sponsoring THREE contests:

Storyteller Contest – submit your own original story about jump-space.  It can be serious or  humorous.  It can be standalone or part of a planned serial.  Submissions should be at least 4,000 words.  We’ll be reading and judging each submission and will pick one as our "The Newt"winner.  All stories will be added to the Sarath V Memorial Library’s collection, and the winner of the Storyteller Contest will receive the Newtron Literary Award (aka “The Newt”), 5 million credits and THREE entries in the Library Lottery (see below).

 Library Lottery – submit any story, guide, document, poem or comic that you may have in your possession, that we do not already have in our collection, and you’ll get an entry in our Library Lottery.  The work does not have to be authored by you, but submissions by the author will supersede submissions by another person.  Otherwise if the same item is submitted twice, the first submitter will get the lottery entry.  The winner of the lottery will receive 2 million credits and an EB-3 (engine-booster) artifact.


Holiday Haiku – write a Haiku about your Storyteller Contest or Library Lottery submission; OR your  favorite published story in the library.  Although there are technical variations of what constitutes Haiku, we are going with the simple version:  three lines with five, seven and five syllables respectively.  A title for your haiku is optional.  Each entrant will receive 500,000 credits, a CM3 and a Captain’s Commendation badge.

Submissions  for all contests must be received no later than 116.11.24 to be considered for an award.  They should be sent to

Winners for all contests will be announced on the final day of Festival! – 116.11.27


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