Plutonium Factory Repairs Finally Completed

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  More than three months after an explosion severely damaged the Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core sector — and six weeks after a Faction Mission bringing in critical repair supplies was completed — the facility has finally been repaired.  Today, at the urging of Consul Tesios Muca of Ares Prime, the plutonium-factory-repairfacility was repaired by two “drone-ships” owned by squad -=DSRG=-: DSRG-r-OP and
DSRG-r-QC.  Keval’s Thanks awards were given to each drone as well as to pilot Aeghwhyn, who towed a Conflux swarm that had wandered into the sector during the repair effort.

plutonium-factory-repair2“The real thanks goes to pilots Clanlord and Aeghwhyn who, as I understand it, piloted these repair drones,” said Consul Muca.  “This effort took far too long to happen, but at least now, the thing it done.  And this drone technology has been very enlightening.  The Empire will have to look into it.”



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