Miners’ Days Wrap-Up

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core)  Crews are still cleaning up in Quantar Core after the completion, yesterday, of the three-day Miners’ Days Festival.  The festival had a schedule filled with activities and events — and a list of awards that was just as long.

In addition to the previously-published list, there was a late-entrant to the DSS Decryption Contest, with lordzuon successfully decrypting Dataset #2.  He will be receiving the Seeker of Knowledge medal, along with an EB-3.

There was also a total of 36 Captain’s Commendations going to to the many people who participated in the activities and events:  Agnot (1), Ambrosius (1), Bayonette (4), DETSAW (1), Drevent (3), Firefly (3), Hammer-BS (7), Hopwil (3), Jalil (1), lordzuon (2), Maniac (2), Me.1 (2), Occam (1), Rancor (4) and Veloxi (1).

Finally, the Echoes of Hope medal was awarded to Hammer-BS for his efforts in running the “Searching for our History” DSS Artifact Hunt; and to spork for running the “Quantar GreenER” and “Quantar GreenEST” tuning missions on Saturday and Sunday.

“It was an amazing holiday,” said Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar — host of the festivities.  “Although you always hope for more participation, you can tell from the Captain’s Commendations that we had many people involved in all the events throughout the holiday.”

The only total miss in the holiday schedule was the JPR FLASHCast special that never aired due to technical issues at Jumpgate Pirate Radio.


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