DSS Decryption Contest Yields Three Very Different Pieces of History

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) One of the events during this year’s Miners’ Days Holiday was one called “Uncovering Our History.”  For this event, three datasets were released from DSS that had been recovered in Quantar space.

The decryption of DSS-1 was done by Hammer-BS.  It is an ancient Quantar children’s poem from The Book of Prophets.  Unfortunately, the DSS did not appear to be dated in any way, so it is not possible to tell just how old this particular version of the poem was.

Here he comes,
Black as night,
Come to steal our hearth-homes!
There he goes,
Black as night,
Gone away with gemstones!
If he finds you,
Run and hide!
Here comes the Kahro!

DSS-2 was decrypted by lordzuon, and it is a not-too-old TRINN article about the controversial Quantar monk Brother Io, who was found murdered in 103AT.

103.10.20 by Zoe Vexel
The body found last week at Quantar Core station has been formally identified as that of Malum Ionus, a well-known and often outspoken High Priest of Quantar. The body, although badly decomposed, was identified by DNA testing and dental records.
A brief statement was issued by the Tahirs:
“The death of Malum Ionus is truly a tragedy for Quantar. We join all of Quantar in mourning his departure, but we take comfort in the knowledge that Hamalzah watches over him now.
“Brother Io’s death is no accident, and those who are responsible for this heinous act shall be brought to swift justice, according to the ways of Quantar.”
Unnamed sources within the Quantar internal security service indicate that the investigation is focused on Brother Io’s previous dealings with elements of the Octavian government.

DSS-3 was also decrypted by Hammer-BS, though he was not eligible for a prize (the rules specified one entry per pilot).  Since no one else attempted a decryption, we publish his effort here — though there is quite a bit of corruption.  Where there are brackets [], we have attempted to deduce the intended words.

085ø�B 2
We hav[e com]pleted the outer skin of th[e] station and are read [f]or delivery of the ²ð 诋5–DaôÛG ôW5ü¹bœî$z6It!ÂÝ<Û +TI xf¸ a”2��b There have beiP no sighting of the Hyperial attac[k s]hips and we fear they hav³gF ;ay to mask their presence. I expect the primaO¯ ·light deck, quarters and trading floor FYêl/Xê [r]eady within ‰@DòCÜ and once that complete we ca[n com]mence with the project. Zantor Stati[on] >\ Æ ¼WEe a great asset for The Chosen. Our miners will be able to foc� Ø¥û4Ùheir harvest and it will shor[ten the tr]ade route to Sol[rain]—·‰ÎÄ:‚Á»d most of all it will seóYFYêl/Xête of Hyperial ÒŸ¾8öood.

This appears to be a communication from someone working on Zantor Station — which was the Quantar station in GVB sector that was destroyed by Hyperial during the Second GVB Wars.  The characters “085” would be appear to be the year, since that was after station construction began (084.11 AT) and before it’s destruction by Hyperial (086.10.17).



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