Record Numbers of Miners Days Awards Presented at This Year’s Festival

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medal189(Quantar Core)  Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar, handed out a record number of awards for this year’s Miners’ Days events, but the highlight was the awarding of the Hamalzah’s Divine Grace award to Hammer-BS.

The full list of award recipients follows:

  • Hamalzah’s Divine Grace – Hammer-BS
  • Quantar’s Flame – Jalil
  • Spade of Karadron – Hammer-BS for the Pure Mining event where he mined a total of 157 pure asteroids; and Hammer-BS for correctly answering all five Quantar Mining Trivia questions.
  • Aeolsah’s Spirit – Drevent and Hopwill, for finding and turning in DSS found during the “Searching for Our History” group artifact hunt.
  • Seeker of Knowledge – Hammer-BS for correctly decrypting Dataset #1 in the “Uncovering our History” DSS decryption event.  (He was the only entrant.)
  • Keval’s Thanks – Bayonette and Hopwill for being the runners-up in the Pure Mining Contest; and Bayonette, Firefly, Hopwill and Rancor for correctly answering from 1 to 4 questions in the Quantar Mining Trivia Contest.
  • For the winners of the Short-Track Race:
    • The Cesium Medal to Maniac for taking first place;
    • The Platinum Medal to Me.1 for taking second place; and
    • The Antimony Medal to Bayonette for taking third place

Captain’s Commendations are being awarded to all participants in each event, and they are still being tallied.

Tahir Tashawar has indicated that all medals and prizes should be given to pilots over the next several days.


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