STCC Votes for DSS Return

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core)  An emergency meeting of the STCC called by Speakers Hugin and Verhal Sol-1has resolved that the DSS found on Cornea Station in Storage Hold 25 must be returned to Solrain for data recovery and decryption.

Dorator Technologies R&D has released the following statement:

We are disappointed with the decision of the STCC.  We believe that Dorator Tech could have provided excellent data recovery results in a minimum of time and at very reasonable cost.  Nonetheless we will certainly comply with the resolution.  We plan to ship all DSS to the Wake Station from our facilities in Hyperial today at approximately 20:00 UTC, where we will deliver them to the Solrain Engineering and Technology Group.  We will also be happy to provide assistance at any point during the ongoing DSS recovery and decryption process should the STCC require it.


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