Fa’hil Memta Responds to Octavius

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Quantar’s Fa’hil Memta has issued the following statement regarding the Octavius claims of espionage and its declaration of war:

Octavius is clearly just looking for a fight.  They claim that the explosion in their factory was connected to a security hack, but also say that the area of the explosion has been too radiocatively “hot” for close inspection.  They claim that the cyber-attack was “Quantar in nature” — but exactly what that means is far from clear.  Was “Praise Hamalzah” embedded into the code?  What makes code “Quantar in Nature?”

We are not afraid of Octavius, their threats, their bluster or their meager military.

Hamalzah Favors the Faithful!  That is Quantar in nature.


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