Emperors Declare War on Quantar

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Octavius Consul for Ares Prime Tesios Muca announced today that the Imperial Triune has decided to change its Political Status with Quantar to WAR.  This means that Quantar Military vessels will not be able to dock at any Octavius Stations.  Muca also added that any Quantar ships, civilian, military or mercenary were likely to be targeted in Octavius space.

“The evidence of Quantar espionage is damning,” said Muca. “The explosion at the Plutonium Factory was used to expose opportunities in our security data network.  And the attempt to hack the network clearly was Quantar in nature.  While we are not … yet … looking to wage active war against Quantar, let me be very clear :  Quantar ships of any kind, of any squad, and  with any tags — are not welcome in Octavius space.”


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