Factory Explosion Determined to be Internal

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Core)  Yesterday’s explosion at the Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core sector have been determined to come from inside the factory, said TRI Corporation investigators.

160730_142925Although the Factory and the surrounding area is still to hot for investigators to go in personally, robotic probes were used to shut down the radiation leakages and to provide preliminary evidence pointing strongly toward internal explosion rather than external

“We think this is pretty clearly an explosion that cane from inside the factory,” said Sagrith Hubri, spokesperson for TRI-IND (Industrial & Business Services), which operated the factory.  “The five individuals who maintained the factory tragically lost their lives, and most of the internal systems monitoring the factory are horribly damaged.  Once we can get people in there we may be able to get more evidence as to what cause the explosion — but that’s going to be a while.”

Little has been heard from Octavius as yet but Carto Hasdrubar, Governor of Octavius Core Station release the following statement:  “We are all shocked and saddened by the explosion at the factory.  Our thoughts are with the families of the five workers who died there — all loyal sons of Octavius who now enjoy the warm embrace of our ancestors.”  He went on to add, “We do not know the cause of this explosion, but all loyal pilots of Octavius are called upon to maintain beacons and to assiduously patrol Octavius space — especially the sectors around Octavius Core — to ensure those who would take advantage of this tragedy have no opportunity to do so.”

Sources indicate that the Triune Meeting will resume tomorrow with significantly heightened security.


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