Initial Election Tallies Indicate a Tight Race for Hellion Speaker’s Chair

UUNN Newsire

(Wake Station) STCC election results for the Speaker for Hellion are being tallied and initial reports are that the numbers are extremely close with the incumbent Speaker Imogen Hugin holding a slight lead over challenger Engus Ryall, currently the CFO of Tens and Piney Systems.

Hugin has held the Speaker position for six terms since her initial election on 098.  She is best known for her defense of Squad SoLiciDaL during the famine on Cinatus, adroitly refusing to condemn their disruption of aid efforts.

While the votes of Hellion’s 2.9 billion citizens have been officially counted and certified, the process continues for citizens residing in colonies and stations.

The final vote is expected to be announced tomorrow.


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