Hyperial Lashes Out at TRI, Factions and Pilots

by Kedra Brenari

(Barnard, Hyperial)  Hyperial is furious that its current Faction Mission is setting records as being one of the longest in history.  When asked about the mission, and whether Hyperial might consider cutting it short, Dr. Viggio Ragne, Special Representative of the Office of the President, went on what can only be termed a ‘rant.’

 “We are the only Faction willing to step up to this task. There are questions to be answered, but TRI and its puppet factions are trying to suppress our effort – and today’s pilots are too damned cowardly to think for themselves.

“There is a mystery here — how about being curious?  How about spending some time trying to solve it instead of running mindless mining or transport mission?  How about taking on a REAL challenge instead of patting yourself on the back after shooting conflux swarms in a freighter — or shooting them when they are being towed around by someone else?  It used to be that jump-pilots were the best of the best:  smart, inquisitive and aggressive.  But this lot is just soft and lazy.


When asked whether there have been any findings at all from the photographs collected so far, Ragne declined comment.


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