Conflux Continue CP Attacks

UUNN Newswire

(The Wake Station)  Conflux Sentients renewed their attacks on infrastructure on the evening of 115.12.17, attacking the RB-3 Custom Producer in Wake sector.  While the building was damaged, it was not destroyed, thanks to pilots Sieg, Wookieface and Uxo, who defended against the sentient and its drone support swarm.

Pilots were able to completely repair the facility within hours of the attack, so it is back online and ready to produce.  Pilots are encouraged to produce and stock-up on Repair Beam guns of all sizes


One response to “Conflux Continue CP Attacks

  1. They came , got introduced damage , were killed and no one will remember them.

    Hi again Pilots of all fractions.

    Last night as only a few pilots did their night shift of work , the sneaky Confluxx – bombers attacked again at a Science -factory in civilized space . Due to the rapid intervention of the few available TRI – pilots the worst could be prevented . Although the damage this time was bigger than in Aman but it could be repaired within a reasonable time .
    What remains is the fact that such attacks happen more often . These beasts do not attack apparently aimlessly . They are trying to weaken the TRI . But it seems to be only a matter of time before they will send more troops . What is the plan behind it. And, are the few pilots sufficient to prevent renewed attacks? We will keep you up to date , as long as we can do this .

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