Sentient Attack Damages Antiflux CP

Thane Carios

(Amananth)  Multiple C-17 bombing runs on the Antiflux Custom Producer in Amananth sector resulted in moderate damage to the building.

The attack began around 21:00 UTC and continued for nearly an hour.  The C-17 sentient bombers were accompanied by waves of drone Conflux making it difficult for the small defense force to stop the bombing runs, but several sentients were destroyed during the incursion.

“Unfortunately we were late to the party,” said TRI-SEC Enforcer pilot Thaddeus ‘Ace’ Adder.  “Damage levels were at about 70% — which is not too bad, but it does take the CP out of commission until repairs can be completed.”

Pilots are encouraged to use Repair Beams to help repair the facility.


One response to “Sentient Attack Damages Antiflux CP

  1. Hello Pilots and TRI-SEC-Enforcers 🙂
    The newest research of an unknown undercover Ranger Pilot from Quantar-Faction got new informations about the Antifluxx-Science-Factory. After that quite inconvenient coordinated attack of Confluxx the production facility was completely repaired after about 1 hour and put back into operation . As the unknown pilot further told that Sentients were defeated and the TRI – loyal forces were able to free the Station-sector from the hostile intruders. Despite the small number of active pilots at that time , it was amazing how quickly everyone knew what to do and how fast the defense machinery was working.
    Once again the cohesion of the civilized factions won against the attacking aliens . May the pilots sometimes quarrel among themselves , as long as they stick together when it matters most.

    The last flying Eagle.

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