It’s Time to Plog!

by Kedra Brenari

(UUNN HQ) With a brand-new service from UUNN, pilots can now Plog — which is short for Pilot Log.  You can share your thoughts, stories, adventures or gripes.

“There are lots of things that happen to pilots that are not really news from the UUNN perspective,” said Fence, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at UUNN.  “But this Plog allows everyone to share their personal stories and experiences in a whole new way.  We hope to see many pilots taking advantage of it.”PLOG 1

In order to start a Plog, pilots will have to submit a request.  Once that’s processed they will receive an invitation – which they’ll need to “accept.” (You’ll also need to set up a WP account if you don’t already have one.)

Pilots may Plog as often or as little as they wish.  The only rules are:

  • Keep your Plog focused on your own (IC) experiences and commentary
  • Do NOT use your Plog as a platform to verbally attack or abuse other pilots or squads.
  • Do NOT be extremely profane (mild profanity for emphasis is fine).
  • Graphics inserted into you Plog must be appropriate for all audiences.

The Plog can be accessed at




2 responses to “It’s Time to Plog!

    • You have not accepted the invitation to be an author yet. Once you do, you’ll be able to Plog. 🙂 I re-sent the invitation.

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