Sarath V Dies

UUNN Newswire

Sarath V died early on 115.10.15 from natural causes in his residence on Solrain Core Station.  Sarath had lived a quiet life there, avoiding the public eye, for the last nine years since the end of his term as Prime.

Sarath (born Dilan Sarath) was the fifth and last “Prime” (chief executive) of The Reconstruction Initiative (TRI) serving from 090 until TRI’s dissolution and transformation into TRI Corp. in 106.  Under Sarath, TRI launched its massive jump-pilot recruitment program certifying thousands of jump-pilots and guiding The Reconstruction Initiative through its most active and demanding times, as crowded jump-space called for much closer regulation and governance — and required much more conflict management as factional (and non-factional) disputes and battles sprang up regularly

During Sarath’s tenure, TRI pilots also had their first encounters with The Conflux, adding a whole new set of complexities and challenges for TRI as the Conflux population seemed to grow as fast as — if not faster than — the jump pilot population, and the threats from individual drone flux were supplanted by much broader threats from swarms, infestations, hives and conflux sentients.

Sarath preferred to stay out of the spotlight, leaving most appearances, speeches and announcements to his ministers and department leaders, but he did make one final public appearance just months before his death when, at age 89, he made a brief speech commemorating The Catastrophe.

Memorial services for Sarath V, like the man himself, will be private.


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