TRI-R/CSD Initiates Missions to Dark Crossroads

By Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Carlo Adiar, TRI’s Director of Conflux Studies, has initiated a series of missions to scan the anomaly in Dark Crossroads sector.

“We have to STOP fueling the spread of rumours, stop awarding people for wild speculation and START applying some scientific method to the questions arising in Dark Crossroads sector.  We have had no official reports filed with TRI-R/CSD, but we have academics and media running around treating uncorroborated accounts as gospel.  It’s just insane.”

When asked what he thought the message “the Ascendancy of Zethryn Ka, It is coming” means, Adiar said, “I don’t know the pilot who saw the alleged message.  And I don’t know whether his translation is accurate.  What I do know is that The Conflux are not big talkers and that Ka was some character in an ancient Solrain children’s story.  What can I tell you?”


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