Sentients Reappear. More Messages Received

UUNN Newswire

We have just received reports of new Conflux Sentient activity in and around Dark Crossroads sector.  Pilot Hifly initially went to investigate a sent marker in Dark Crossroads.  “I was attacked by C11 which I dispatched, [along with] a swarm of jellies.  During the fighting I received the following communication from a hidden sent: aGVOJTIwb2YLMjBpcyUyMElOJTIwbnNuQWFjeWRjZSUyMGFL”

sent 1 This first message appears to be one of the messages received and decoded by pilot lordzuon on 115.10.4.  That message was “It is the ascendancy of Ka

Hifly indicated that while he was refueling and re-equipping from his initial encounter, pilot Parin engaged a Sentient C14s that was running between sectors Dark Crossroads, Connexion and Light Crossroads.  Hifly then engaged yet another Sentient.  ” I retired to EE for some RRR. Checking the map [I saw] sent markers [had] appeared in Gurge, RV, connexion and DC.  Parin and myself started jumping sectors trying to track him down, this time it was a C8 sending out a message, he was also constantly jumping sectors, after burning 4 ff’s and 2 drop tanks I finally managed to take him down.”

The other Sents were broadcasting a different message — aWdoZnQlMjBvbg==  — which has yet to be decoded:

sent 2





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