Pilot Receives Message from Conflux Sentient

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) According to Professor Athena ShaiDen, a pilot has reported being contacted by a Conflux sentient in Dark Crossroads sector.  The pilot, lordzuon, was investigating a Sentient marker in Dark Crossroads.  According to the report he battled conflux C7, 8, 9 and 11 – along with several C3s and a swarm of C0 “Jellyfish.”Sentient messages

“I don’t think any of the conflux I engaged were sentient. If I had to guess, I’d suggest the C8, but I doubt it,” said lordzuon — thought he reported hearing Sent “song.”   What he did see was an encoded message, which he believed he was able to decode as:

the Ascendancy of Zethryn(?) Ka, It is coming.

“This information is amazing,” said Prof. ShaiDen.  “We had been hearing about sentient activity in Dark Crossroads for a few days, but had not been able to get any details before this.  And having a conflux verbalize … well that’s extraordinarily rare.  But the names Zethryn and Ka are not familiar – though I’m not done with my research.”

Professor ShaiDen and Sutonia University have recommended that lordzuon receive the Seeker of Knowledge award for his initiative and bravery in investigating the sentient activity, his detailed reporting of the event, and his work on translating the message.

Professor ShaiDen said, “Clearly something significant is going on here.  I encourage all pilots to keep an eye out for Sent-markers and to investigate if possible. Please report any details you gather to me as quickly as possible at a-shaiden@tri-subspace.net.  The more information we gather, the better prepared we can be for whatever is coming.”

UUNN would also appreciate receiving any and all information that is gathered on these Sentient incursions.


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