Pilot Threatens Duelist Destruction

UUNN Newswire

Yesterday, UUNN received an anonymous, untraceable submission that pilot snake173 intended to destroy every duelist in “the game.”  It is unclear whether “The Game” is a player-owned station, or some other veiled reference.

snake Duelist

TRI-SEC pilot Thadeus “Ace” Adder said, “Yeah, we received reports about this guy.  I scrambled to see what was going on and he seemed to be just ranting.  Probably just had more than his fill of Quanus Ice and was overdue to hit the bunk.  So I just gave him a warning.”

snake Duelist 2

Official TRI Security sources reiterated that intentional destruction of equipment could result in significant penalties to PR and/or flight privileges.


One response to “Pilot Threatens Duelist Destruction

  1. I see the point in guns and (part*) in Duelists, but why Deepradar? In non station sectors rats play ‘follow the flux’ to find miners. In station sectors a miner puts on a Shade and goes for the asteroids 50k from every main installation.

    *) Only Ammo and Plasma users really need a Duelist to hit something.

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