Miners Days Wrap-up

by Fence

gust(Quantar Core) – Sunday afternoon saw the successful running of the Miners Day Short Track Shuttle Race and the Quantar medals awarded by Third Tahir Silar Tashawar.

Though open to pilots all factions, the racing pilots were primarily Quantar. Here is a quick run down of the racers and outcomes (each of which receive the Captain’s Commendation participation badge):

  • Filzi – Notorious Octavian member of Unbreakable, and runner up by the tiniest of margins in July’s Solrain shuttle race, proved his past performance was no fluke by winning Sunday’s race handily, earning the Cesium medal.
  • Kasia – Founder of the Good Shepherds came in second place for the Platinum medal, just nudging out…
  • hifly – Antimony medal winner for his third place finish, and bearer of the torch for the legendary -=MACK=- haulers.
  • Jalil – A well known DSS decryption merchant, flew the slower Storm shuttle and yet somehow led the race early, but lost track of the racing course midway.
  • al_Hamalza – Finished in fifth place and was still celebrating his Optimus achievement that day by handing out Quanus Ice to all takers.
  • Radar – did not finish due to a critical impact event with the Beacon midway through the course, and receives the Sarath’s Laughter medal for his efforts.

nukesforall-sc2As a point of interest, the race on Sunday marked the largest known gathering of Gust shuttles seen since the “Nukes for All” protest held at Solrain Core back in AT 102 (file photo.)



CesiumFor Saturday’s Pure Mining Contest, pilot Narada of Q-Mining PLC put on a clinic with over 140 pures mined, earning himself the Cesium medal and an unadvertised bonus of a CM-4 from event sponsor Venurian Prospecting Ltd. (Narada mined more than 2nd and 3rd place combined! And his time in the spotlight isn’t quite over yet…) Second place in the Pure Contest and a Platinum medal went to pilot hifly, with third place being a tie between al_Hamalza and Hammer-BS (both pilots getting the Antimony medal).

Tahir Tashawar also handed out two Quantar’s Flame medals. The first was to Narada, and the second went to tom-t. This medal is for pilots who demonstrate significant advancement along the Path of Roh either by their impressive and loyal piloting record or through some grand gesture benefiting the Qua’ it tahir.

Tashawar concluded the ceremony with a traditional Quantar blessing: May Hamalzah grant you the vision to see the Path, the courage to choose it, and the strength to walk it.


2 responses to “Miners Days Wrap-up

    • Moo! (Congratulations to all the participants! It is not just in the winning, but in the trying that greatness is achieved. With trying, comes experience. With experience, comes wisdom. No matter the result you reached today, it is still a better result than that of those who never even tried!)

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