Sunday’s Race Details Released

UUNN Newswire

(Quanus) – Sunday’s short track race will be held at Ekoos Stop sector at 1900 UTC (find your local time).

The rules are as follows:

  • Ships: PremiaXL vs Albatross vs Gust
  • No artifacts. Yes FF.
  • Albatross needs 1 unit of Machined Parts in cargo
  • PremiaXL needs Mitoria engines and 1 unit of Cesium in cargo
  • Gust needs Mitoria engines


The track is as follows:

  • Start in Omni V gate (jump out, back in).
  • Fly through the beacon (no BCU required).
  • Fly through the large hollow common roid near the beacon (into any of its 3 entrances and out of another one).
  • Fly through the docking tube of the Docking Computer CP and stop.
    • The CP will stop your ship and tell you that you don’t have the right ingredients then eject your ship, if it does not do this, you have not pulled far enough into it. Note that this CP is out of radar range from the beacon, it lies between the Ring View and Quantar Gate jumpgates (both of which you can target).
  • Dock at the Finish Line POS which is public and near the Docking Computer CP.


All participants will be awarded the Captains Commendation, 1st/2nd/3rd will be awarded the Cesium/Platinum/Antimony medals. (New medals.)


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