Tahirs Finally OK Holiday Event Schedule

by Kedra Brenari

(Quantar Core) After weeks of absolute news blackout regarding the upcoming major Quantar festival, the Tahirs have finally release a schedule.  Insiders point to power-struggles between the Tahirs and a strong move to keep several of the ancient festivals traditions more dirtside-focused  — a clear shift away from recent years where traditions like “The Blessing of the Shovels” was held concurrently in planetside temples as well as outside Quantar Core Station.

The three-day festival schedule released by the Office of the Third Tahir is as follows:

Day 1 – 115.9.4

  • Commencement of the three-day Quantar Faction Mining Mission
  • 12 noon UTC — Recital of The Parable of Kardaron (the Reading by Second Tahir Sandokhan Neamru will be available on UUNN)

Day 2 – 115.9.5

  • 12:01a – 12 midnight UTC (i.e. all day) Pure Mining Contest  — the pilots, Quantar or gefir, who mine-out the most pure asteroids during this 24-hour period will win awards.

Day 3 – 115.9.6

  • 19:00 UTC Short Track Race — details here.
  • Awards and Closing Ceremonies, hosted by Third Tahir Dr. Silas Tashawar, will follow the race.

2 responses to “Tahirs Finally OK Holiday Event Schedule

  1. Do I need to ‘register’ with my initial pure roid count somewhere or can you keep track automatically?

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