EEA Files found on Evening’s End

By Kedra Brenari

(Evening’s End)  A cache of encrypted files was found yesterday in a long-sealed area of Evenings End station.   The files are believed to be backups from EEA (Evening’s End Alliance) leader lxholla, left behind when he evacuated the station in the midst of the EEA’s somewhat violent break-up in 102AT.

“This is a fascinating find,” said historian Djoran Karr.  “EEA was a unique group — made up of pilots from all factions with very diverse personalities and reputations.  These files could give us insights into how lxholla managed and recruited-for the alliance … as well as other information on how the alliance was formed and run.”

No attempt has been made to decrypt the files as of yet, but some have suggested Jalil Aq’tamm  who decrypted the somewhat- mysterious DSS found in  Tictacs Hook almost a year ago.


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