Garreth Wins Tenth Term!

UUNN Newswire

(Soria) – Demeter Garreth has proven victorious in her tenth bid for the Speakership of Soria. Final election returns show a narrow margin of victory over a vigorous challenge from Mayor Tebbor Rivik of New Yigo Archipelago. Mayor Rivik reportedly called to congratulate Speaker Garreth early this morning, putting to rest all rumors of a potential legal challenge to the ballot tallies.

Many will remember Garreth’s campaign kick off speech made during AT 114’s Reconstruction Days holiday, when she fulfilled a campaign promise from the 112 cycle to become a jump pilot herself. Pundits doubted her chances for re-election since she can no longer campaign planetside in person, and in fact she had taken a downturn in recent polls owing in part to her hardline stance against the jump squad SOL NAVY who’s actions precipitated the current state of War with Octavius.

Garreth credits the victory to her longstanding profitable record, her ability to remain connected to her constituency, and to Roober Swain, her campaign manager and long time chief of staff, who successfully ran her campaign’s “ground game” once again (though more literally this time) getting her message out to the voters.


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