Solrain Reconstruction Days Schedule

UUNN Newswire

Sol-1(Cornea) – The STCC has released the official schedule for this year’s celebration of The Reconstruction Days, a three day festival that celebrates the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative begun over 1000 years ago. Each day commemorates one of the SRI’s “Three Laws of Pioneering” which later formed the basis for the TRI Charter (1-105 AT). This year’s event is being chaired by Speaker Cassia Verhal of Amanra, but pilots in space should look for organizational duties to be performed by Assistant Pilot Liaison Tmolus Shaen.

Friday 07.03 – The Rediscovery of the Galaxy
A pair of Faction Missions will begin, both sponsored by the STCC, one in conjunction with our war allies in Hyperial. The purpose of these FMs is to gather additional information on the old station wreckage in The Narrow Canal and in Outer Ring. In the Mission Computer, select Hyperial to take the FM outbound. Then from Hyperial, select Sol Core to complete the loop.

Friday 07.03 – The Rediscovery Race
Also on Friday, there will be a short track race held at Wake at 1900 UTC (find your local time).

  • Ships: PremiaXL vs Albatross vs Gust
  • No artifacts. Yes FF.
  • Albatross = 1 unit of Machined Parts
  • PremXL = Mitoria engines, 1 unit of Cesium
  • Gust = Mitoria engines

Track is in Wake sector:

  • Start under the “wing” of the Interceptor Naval Yard.
  • Target the RB-3 Custom Producer and fly to the right side around it.
  • Fly to the right side around the Electronics Custom Producer.
  • Dock in the Invader NY tube.
  • Then race back to Wake for a dock (finish line).

Saturday 07.04 – The Search for Arcane Knowledge
Starting Saturday morning at 0001 UTC (find your local time), the STCC will publicly release (via UUNN) the contents of 3 DSS’s that have been recently turned in by pilots. These are pristine discs, still encrypted, untouched by station research technicians. Pilots are encouraged to decipher the contents, and e-mail their findings back to UUNN. Pilots correctly decoding will be awarded the Seeker of Knowledge medal. The first pilot to do so for each disc will be awarded 1 million credits (max of 1 prize per pilot). STCC technicians will retain possession of the physical DSS and will validate the findings after they are submitted.

Sunday 07.05 – The Repopulation of the Surviving Planets
On Sunday there will be Tour of Planets of the Commonwealth of Solrain. This tour will begin at Wake at 1900 UTC (find your local time), and end in Sol Core. Solrain Awards will be presented en route.

Pilots from ALL factions are welcome to participate in The Reconstruction Days events. Pilots from Hostile factions must use Civilian tags.


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