Hyperial Facility Attacked

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial authorities have reported that the Magnesium Nano Assembler in Hyperial sector was attacked last night by an unknown party or parties.  Initial reports suggested that the explosion was internal, but further analysis indicated that this was an attack from outside using nuclear missiles.

The attack came just before the completion of the Octavian Faction Mission that called for Magnesium, but there was enough commodity available that the mission was completed without incident with Quantar pilot tom-t making the final mission delivery.

Many Hyperial sources have pointed to Quantar as being responsible for the attack, since it had recently voiced its displeasure with the Octavian mission.

Nano Assemblers use magnetic fields and nano-technology to reclaim specific commodities from ions and particles adrift in space. The attack damaged, but did not destroy the Hyperial facility.  Nonetheless it is not operational at this point.


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