Barracuda Naval Yard Destroyed!


UUNN Newswire

(Sol Core) – The war meter moved a tick toward the red today when a strike fleet of Oct ships answered the call of newly crowned Emperor Venticus Marius to nuke the Barracuda Naval Yard outside of Sol Core station. Solrain seemed unprepared for the attack. Beacon maintenance was poor, and once it did become clear what was happening, other than a few defense droids, little resistance was offered. The STCC’s request for assistance from pilots owning Repair Beams also went unheeded.

Consul Muca praised the “valiant choice” of some of the strike force to rely on Mercenary tags at the onset. While this allowed Solrain to ding their PR for the attack and force a Pirate registry upon them (unlike Military Tagged ships who suffered no penalty per the rules of War), it also allowed them to dock at a public POS to reload quickly (not an option for Military Tagged ships during a state of War).

The STCC has no response as of yet, but assured us that “some response” will be forthcoming.


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