Duel of Accession Slated for Wednesday

UUNN Newswire

(Ares Prime) Consul Tesios Muca has issued a formal declaration of his Intent to Duel against heir apparent Venticus Marius. Muca has selected the Phoenix fighter as the weapon of choice for the traditional Duel of Accession. The duel is slated to begin at 20:30 UTC this Wednesday, 115.06.03, outside of Octavius Core station. All pilots are welcome to attend as witnesses of this momentous part of the Coronation Cycle.

Consul Muca’s office has released this brief statement:

Clements was my liege and my friend. I’ve known Venticus his whole life, and esteem him as highly as if he were my own son. But this is a pivotal time for the Empire. If we are to survive, our Emperor must prove to himself, to our people, and to our enemies that he is worthy of the Throne.

UUNN has been notified that security will be tight, and a no tolerance policy will be in effect for anyone interfering with the traditional duel.


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