Cornea Reports Uptick in Trade

UUNN Newswire

(Cornea Station) The station that some consider to be Solrain’s backwater had a brief burst of excitement today. Details of some commotion on the flight deck were reported by an anonymous source, but when asked, Cornea based Pilot Liaison Troiga del Babon was quick to point out that though there were several more traders than usual, nothing all that interesting happened in or around Cornea.

“A few more ships dock than normal, and then some out of practice deck hands knock over some crates, and everyone starts running everywhere talking about the sky falling. Calm down people. This isn’t news. Did Tmolus call you? Because I know I did not, and would not have wasted your time.”


One response to “Cornea Reports Uptick in Trade

  1. Nothing about threatening of witness’s. criminal involement? ship theft? SOL NAVY chasing a bountied fugitive to Hyperial? Very interesting..

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